3rd Immigrant Wave Flees El Salvador, Headed For America

As if two in one month isn’t enough, a third group of migrants originating in El Salvador has has begun to head to Mexico in hopes of entering the United States. Reports state that the migrant group consists of “more than 300” individuals. As we know from prior weeks these migrant groups seem to bloom as they travel. This group comes on the heels of a much larger group made up of mostly Hondurans, with numbers of between 3,500 and 4,000 members. Yet this third group from El Salvador, numbered at more than 1,000 migrants is moving through Guatemala. On Saturday, October 27, 2018, the group broke through a Guatemala border gate at in Tecun, Umen, and are on their way to Mexico.

If you believe the media reports of many news agencies, these groups are filled with migrants fleeing poverty and violence. In recent weeks there have been thousands of fleeing migrants and the same claims are made by the media. In my mind and the minds of many others, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then the pictures and videos of fleeing migrants are worth a novel. For violence and poverty to be the reasons for thousands of people to flee a country, at the same time, migrants in pictures and videos should appear malnourished, with looks of fear, wearing tattered clothing. Instead the migrants in snapshots and videos appear to be well fed, happy with smiles, and with clothing that appears to be well kept and new in many cases. In either case, the clothing that the majority of migrants in the visual ops seems to be far from being donated at the local clothing bank.

Even more insulting to the logic of common sense, is the fact the the migrants are bering transported by tractor trailers, buses, and in some cases pickup trucks. These vehicles can even be spotted slightly blurred in the background of many of the pictures and videos that spotlight the migrant caravans. It would seem that the migrants are being offloaded at short distance from awaiting cameras, reporters, and journalists.

According to Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen, President Trump is ready to use every option available to “stop immigrants from crossing the border”. Secretary Nielsen was also quoted as saying, ” frankly we essentially see caravans everyday with these numbers”. Known to backup his threats, President Trump has threatened to shut down the border with Mexico. On Friday October 26, 2018, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis commissioned the use of troops and further military resources at the southern border.


  1. Good article. Summarized for a fast read. Thank you.
    Refugees fleeing a country/seeking asylum, would have the time to pack meals for a few days.

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