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Written by Patricia King for The Cheef Report

With the rise of the MAGA campaign, from the ashes comes a candidate who openly and publicly stands firm on her beliefs and has become a sort of phoenix that has risen from said ashes. I have been given the opportunity to inquire, in depth, on what MAGA means to her and the issues she plans to work on for New Jersey. Below is our interview Q, C&A (Question, Commentary & Answer):

Q)What brought you to run for the US Senate?

A) Incidentally, this isn’t why I’m running at all I found out just after I declared my candidacy. But just as an interesting historical note, I’m going to say when I’m elected, I will be the first female to hold the US Senate seat in New Jersey.

I believe that our forefathers envisioned and plan for a country where we would have brave boys of this country constantly heard and constantly molding our legislative policies. And that’s ideal it’s perfect. Because we all have to live with the consequences of our policies that are enacted by the US Senate and by Congress in its entirety. And if we have career legislators who are completely out of touch and disconnected from anything that affects the constituents, well how is that good for anyone for New Jersey for America? This US senate seat sits at the juncture between State policy and Federal policy. This is a seat that allows New Jersey to have a voice at the national level and boy that Senator better have a good understanding of the 10th Amendment, of the entire Constitution number one, but the 10th Amendment.

Bob Menendez, he’s an attorney. I’m sure he understands it on an academic level but does he understand what it really means to live in New Jersey and suffer from the policies he has voted for and enacted? No, he has no clue. He lives in the establishment bubble. And Bob Hugin is another variety where he lives in a bubble of his own sort. Let me ask you, what flavor of cronyism does New Jersey want, the Government cronyism

of Menendez or the corporate cronyism of Hugin? Neither one of them are fit for office, in my opinion, but I am here to tell you why I think that I should be that US senate candidate and it goes back to your original question of why I’m running.

I’m running to give a voice to the people of America. It’s what our forefathers envisioned. It’s what my family taught me. I come from a family of military. My dad served his entire career in the US Navy. My grandfather fought in World War 1. I was taught faith, family, flag and you do service to your country and for your country. The military wasn’t my calling but it looks like politics is and so I’m here to fight for We the People.

What’s happening in this country is wrong and we need someone with a backbone to fight for it.

C) Not only does New Jersey get their Senator, the country gets whoever is elected as well.

Q) Mrs. Flanagan, since the MAGA movement has different meanings to different people, what does MAGA mean to you?

A) It breaks down the acronym, make America great again. That has taken on a lot of different tones but interpreted by the roots that may be for or against it. For me what that means is this is a country that I love I come from one side of my family. On one side of my family I come from a family of immigrants. My maternal grandmother came to America with her Swedish family in the early 1900s and they were so excited to embrace America, to learn English, to be part of the Great American hope and dream. And they did, my grandmother she became an entrepreneur in the 1920s. That was an in time where entrepreneurs were rare to begin with, and for women to do that that was very avant-garde. And she became a very successful business woman in my town, recognized as an active part of the Chamber of Commerce there and it was that vision of what America really stands for, economic opportunity, hope and an open market that is ruled and controlled by moral laws, not by legislation that stifles business growth. So on that side I had eager American entrepreneurs to embrace that dream.

On my Father’s side I have military service. You know, I have family members who fought for our country all the way back, all the way to the Civil War. My Republican roots go back to the inception of the party of Lincoln. And the Common Thread from the day that our country was born has been this rugged individual liberty. It’s been liberty and justice for all. It’s been the American hope that all people are not guaranteed equal outcome but equal access to be able to make whatever they want and whatever their god-given destiny is out of their lives and that’s what I feel is rooted in “Make America Great Again” because the reality is…that was stolen from us, in many ways, and that was stifled out of us by the oppressive policies that Barack Obama instituted. And really even going all the way back through the last 30 years.

I mean the last true republican president, in my opinion, was Ronald Reagan before President Trump. I was a huge fan of Ronald Reagan and I loved his determinism, self- determinism, and that’s what I mean by “Make America Great Again” Because I think that the time is right to make, not only America greater than she’s ever been but to make New Jersey better than we’ve ever been as well this is our time and unless you have someone strong enough to fight for that it’s not going to happen.

Q) So socialism is out of the question?

A) I’d love to talk about that further because we want to be America, not Venezuela. There’s never been a time in our history that socialism has succeeded or has ever been a good idea. Real quick if you don’t mind me expanding on that. You know, we hear from candidates like Ocasio-Cortez about how she says she wants Democratic socialism and we have some others falling in line about that but the truly astonishing thing is when she or any of these other candidates or Congressional Representatives are pressed on that they can’t define it and the reason they can’t define it is because it doesn’t exist and it’s a sad reality that we are even talking about this and a day when current tragic example of socialism is folding and caving and causing people to suffer and die, right in Venezuela and anyone who can get out of Venezuela is trying to do that. You know, toilet paper is worth more than gold, practically. Is that what they’re saying would be good for America and in what Universe would that ever be a good idea? So yeah…I’m about as far opposite from this socialist spectrum as you can get, politically. Good luck to them because I

think it’s a failing vision, I think it’s a failed experiment that has real data to show that, and I think that they’re going to be failed candidates at the end of the day.

C) And when we talk about socialism they [Democrats] have a tendency of turning to countries like China. They’re like, “oh, well that’s a Socialist country.” Yes. And do you know what their Yin is, compared to the US dollar? It’s worth basically nothing. You can spend 100 US dollars in China and get so many more products with just our dollar and our dollar isn’t even worth a dollar yet, in gold. So, I mean, that right there, when you’re talking finances to people…that’s where it hits them. They’re like, “Oh, that doesn’t make sense.” I don’t think we should want to lessen the value of our dollar even more. I want to raise the value of our dollar and Socialism just won’t do that for us.

A) Exactly and if you don’t mind me touching on some of those points, I think that’s something that should really be unpacked because, when we look at China’s economy, Any success that they have economically is that they have embraced a more open market philosophies and they are investing in America at an alarming pace. They’re buying up farmland. You know, the intellectual property issues that we have. So, economically they’re really stifled, except for the areas where there has been a pocketed economic growth when they do actually embrace a free-market system and principles. But then I would argue that China is still a communist Nation. I think that they may be trending toward a socialist Nation in some areas, but we can’t forget that as recently as a 1970s, under Mao Zedong, there were serious human rights violations. Take the Tiananmen Square incident where their own students were being shot down by tanks for speaking up against their government. So when you look at, not just the economic reality, but when you look at the human Liberties that are afforded in China, President Wen is trying

there and their social currency system or if they’re caught on video tape doing something that’s conceived as not socially acceptable, like jaywalking, they are publicly skewered on social media and they have a decrease on their social currency score. I mean, This is frightening for anyone that embraces Liberty As we Americans do and when we look at not just the economic reality of socialism being a failure but when we look at The encroachment on personal Liberties that every American, hopefully, would stand up against again I can’t see how any of that is a good idea for this country.

C) Right, and even the UK is beginning express the same thing, With personal liberties because how many people are being arrested just for believing what they believe or

is the UK we’re talking about. It’s not just in China. They are silencing people and that is one of the top freedoms that we have in this country that we do not want to get rid of and that is the ability to speak freely and I think that that is something that people need to understand about socialism and communism is they remove our rights to be able to protect ourselves, defend ourselves and chase the American Dream of which everyone wants a piece.

A) That’s right, and if we don’t stand up now. When will we? We see the encroachment coming and to your exact point, nobody in the UK has stood up and now look at where they are. It’s easier to fight something when it’s just beginning to be a threat. But right now, our liberties are under attack and if we don’t stand up now, when will we?

C) These are very important discussions to be had. You know a lot of people say, “oh well, we don’t talk politics and religion in our home.” Well, I say, you need to start talking politics and religion in your home…otherwise you’re going to lose your right to do so.

Q) How would you describe the differences between yourself and other candidates and what makes you stand out from the crowd?

A) Well I put both Hugin and Menendez in the same bucket. They’re different sides of the

same liberal coin. They’re both involved and embrace the cronyism. One is the corporate

cronyism is Bob Hugin, and then there’s the other one which is the government cronyism

and that’s Bob Menendez. He’s steeped in the establishment. He is the definition of “the

swamp” and then when you add Bob Hugin to that mix, they’re really running as two

liberals. There’s virtually no difference in their platform. Maybe a couple of tax

differences but even Bob Hugin stated that he would have voted against the tax package.

I mean, I understand that there are SALT tax issues, for New Jersey, but there are other

ways to get that money back rather than stating that the tax reform should never have

happened. So, policy wise, Menendez and Hugin are the same.

There are also five other candidates aside from me, and the fascinating point is, I still have some allies at NJ-GOP and they say that they are petrified of me, They don’t attack the Libertarian, they don’t attack the Green party candidates, you know, they save it all for me. So that tells me, and I know that they’re not going to waste time, energy and resources on going after a candidate that has no chance, and that’s their only argument, they say, “well, Tricia can’t win”. Well then why are you spending so much time on me? And my internal analytics are fabulous. We have a clear path to victory and I think that’s what they’re nervous about.

But you know, the difference between myself and them is, I’m the only candidate that embraces and stands on the true National Republican platform. It’s economic growth, lower taxes, it’s Liberty and it’s pro-life. I was also endorsed by New Jersey Right-to- Life. It’s also Pro family and it’s support of President Trump and the MAGA agenda that America voted for and I’m the only one. I’m the only choice as far as those candidates are concerned.

And we’re over 2.4 million strong in this state – I’d love to chat a little bit about how everybody assumes that New Jersey is a Blue state, but in reality, that’s by voter trend and turnout, not by voter demographics.

C) If you want to talk about that, you sure can.

A) I’d like to talk, first about the polls and then the demographics. Again, the only argument that Hugin’s he only campaign has, or Menendez’s for that matter, is that they seem to think that I’m not in the polls. Well that’s by ‘stealth design’. Polls are as much a manifestation of how campaigns want to shape the voter decisions as much as a reflection of them. Most of those polls were in motion around about April, May and June. The candidate roster wasn’t even decided until June 5th. And I’m into data science too. You need a couple of months to recruit the right segment. You have to include all

the candidates and that’s a laborious piece of work and so, realistically, the first polls shouldn’t have even been polled until September or October. And they were already polling even before the primary happened? That shows you what happened there.

There’s something called “force of choice” that pollers do, and that means, you’re given only two of three candidates. For example:

If you are a respondent to a poll and I ask you, “Who are you going to vote for, Menendez or Hugin?” and you say, “I’m voting for Tricia Flanagan.” That’s not on your list of options, so then say, “Oh no, no. Of Hugin and Menendez.” Because those are the only two on the poll.

It’s like being asked if you want steak or chicken but you want fish. So you ask for fish and they tell you, even though they have fish somewhere on that menu, the steak or chicken is all you get to choose from. So then you make your decision based on what they tell you and not by what you want.

But that’s the fallacy. They love to do that and then they take those numbers and show them as factual when they’re not. Look, even in these fixed polls, Hugin is down 9 to 11 points, so what does that tell you? It tells you those polls are invalid by definition. So, how do we see what the real projection is? Well, we look at the real numbers. We look at what kind of voters there are out there. We look at the voter history, likelihood to vote, and things like that. And then we look at who I’m reaching with my message. So when we look at it like that, there are 5.8 million registered voters in the state of New Jersey. Of that total, 1.2 million are registered Republican. So that’s one of the smaller voter segments in all of the 5.8 million and this is where the establishment GOP primarily resides and only 200,000 voted in the primary. And Hugin only got 167,121 votes. So that’s less than about 10% of the entire registered Republican population. That’s not a very strong showing. But he’s the nominee because they [GOP] command that process.

But, as an Independent Republican, I have access to far more voters. I get on the ballot by petition process and I got 10% more signatures than I needed. About 26% of that GOP stature is called MAGA, and I say that because the MAGA candidate in the primary, Brian Goldberg, got 26% of the vote. So we can comfortably say that about 20% of the voters in that 1.2 million are called MAGA. The rest are in that RINO category.

Then when we look at the bigger segments, 2.1 million are registered Democrats. Bigger than the 1.2 million establishment GOP. But the largest voter segment, in New Jersey is Independents. And Independents in New Jersey stew Conservative and that’s where a lot of MAGA voters are. They’re not establishment people, they’re Independent Republicans and that number is 2.4 million. We outnumber the establishment 2:1 and we’re even 300,000 more than registered Democrats. And in our own Nation’s history, 51 Independents have been elected into congress. Bernie Sanders and Joe Liberman, who was a Vice Presidential candidate, those are Independents, they’re Independent Democrat. As far as Independent Republicans are concerned, 29 of those 51 Independents were in fact, Independent Republicans. So, we’ve got a clear path to victory, we’ve just got to talk about how to reach them. I’ve reached millions on my digital campaign since February. My new Analytics, I check them every week, we’ve reached over 303,000 in just this month alone. So, when people say I can’t win, I ask them about those numbers and turn the question around on them and say, “Prove to me that Hugin can win because, by the math, he sure can’t…but I sure can,”

And people are getting excited about the fact that there’s a MAGA candidate on the campaign trail. Many events and we were just at a Wounded Warrior event and people were chasing us down asking for material because they wanted to vote for the MAGA candidate. The trail is blazing and we really do have a huge chance at winning this election.

Q) Can you highlight the top three major issues you intend to face and how you intend to bring change to those issues?

A) [1] Healthcare reform. Full repeal and replace of Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act. President Trump did sign the Executive Order that neutralized the mandate but we still have to repeal it and replace it with something. My plan is pretty straightforward and it allows New Jersey to lead the way for all America and offers something that’s a real solution for our healthcare crisis. What I advocate is a plan that will decrease premiums by 1⁄2 to 1⁄3 and it will increase access to quality care and innovative treatment. Physicians love my plan and, most importantly, patients love my plan. But the only people who hate my plan are the insurance companies because I’m going to take their profit away from them. Look, this is America. There is nothing wrong with gaining profit. But it has to be profit, not at the expense of patients. And what these insurance companies have done is increase the prices of the premiums while giving less access to quality care and innovative treatment. So, even if they decrease their premiums, do you honestly believe they are going to add better access to quality? No, they’re not. What they’re doing is decreasing the premiums but they’re pocketing the difference. My plan is crystal clear in its goal and what I do is I work on the care side of healthcare [Dental and Vision included]. I work with an assortment of concierge physicians. They’re the largest growing sector of medical treatment in our country. Would you be surprised if I told you that you could get a personal concierge physician who even makes house calls, in most cases, for $170 per month? I can tell you that’s true because I have one. And I’ve worked with concierge physicians since the inception of how it began growing as part of our healthcare system. It’s been 15 years in the making, if not more. And Physicians like this because they are allowed to practice the quality care they were trained to provide. And they’re excited about it because they are not having to deal with the insurance company red tape that limits the quality of care they can provide to their patients. With this plan, as a patient, you are allowed to call your doctor’s office and schedule an appointment within an couple of hours on the same day. And this is a personal physician that knows your needs – this takes us back. You talk about Make America Great Again, this takes us back to a place where we had a relationship with our physicians and they were a part of this intimate healthcare dynamic equation. Then, on the treatment side, what I like to call it is direct distributor. You know, I am offended that we as Americans have to beg a third party for use of our own healthcare dollars. How is that American? No. You can buy your own prescriptions, direct, and cut out 80% of the costs. It should be, your physician prescribes what you need and you buy that directly. Why do we need an insurance provider to broker that deal and receive exorbitant profits? That’s unnecessary. And the free market system of America is what will intervene in this process to make costs affordable again. So, it’s the perfect balance between decreasing premiums from $2500 per month, in some cases, to anywhere between $450 to $750 per month, depending on your situation. And no deductible in most cases…in some cases there is, but it sure beats the $2500 per month premiums and $12000 deductibles that the ACA offers. The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable and we have to replace it with

something that works vs something that makes people, in some cases choose their healthcare over food. Those days are gone with a vote for me.

[2] Immigration. We have to tackle and reform our immigration laws. The reality is what the reality is and that is that we’ve got to rip the bandaid off this and acknowledge the fact that, if we don’t have borders, we don’t have a nation. I would challenge people who want open borders with this, name one successful country that does not have borders. No nation is a nation without borders, including Mexico. I bet Mexico wanted a wall when the caravan began ripping down their border fences. Yes they had fences across part of the border but I bet they wanted it across the entire border as those people began invading their country. There are mothers in this invasion who are truly seeking refuge from their country and my solution to them is please, as a mother, do not put your children through this. Please go to a legal port of entry and if you have a legal asylum case, you will be granted entrance. But then, once they are removed from the equation, who is left? Able bodied men. And to them I ask, as a mother would to her son. What the heck are you doing breaking down borders? I teach my children to obey the law. They are illegally breaking into countries. If you’re from Honduras and you’re telling me that you want to leave because it’ overrun by violence, be the change you want to see. What are you doing trying to enter another country illegally? Rally together. Look at all those people trying to break into another country illegally. They could be banding together and solving their own country’s issues but are instead trying to come here by acts of violence and force. We are not going to enter another country illegally, we’re going to stand our ground and fight for what’s ours and what’s right. That’s what I’d encourage these young men to do. If you’re the best that Honduras has to offer, then fight to make Honduras the best place o Earth. Don’t break the law and do it another way. After that, we’re left with the remaining group of people in that invasion. The MS-13 gang members and even in Guatemala, they’ve found ISIS fighters. We do not want or need that here.

[3] The Spending bill. That’s also going to come up in the next legislative session. At some point, we are actually going to have to solve the issue and the sticking point was the wall and Trump said he signed it to get that process going. There were a lot of military spending issues, along with many others that needed to be fixed, but he also went on record when he said not to send him another bill like that because he would not sign it. But there were specific states, primarily NJ, NY and parts of CA that were affected by the SALT tax and the fact that it was not deductible. I think that that’s a hurdle we’ve got to get over and we will have a golden opportunity to include some of these spending issues, attach them with soe weight to some other important spending issues that we have leverage with and we have to hold the line when it comes to the wall because we know that’s going to come up again. I think there’s a lot more spending we can trim the fat from and even though our economy is really thriving because of Trump’s policies, we still need to keep our eye on that and not get comfortable yet because our debt needs to be tackled and lessened. If we fix the spending bill, not only will New

Jersey be positively affected, so will NY and CA. Our tax reform will create an economically secure position. I want us to create a living economy, not only for those three previously mentioned states, but also for all America.

Mrs. Flanagan, I’d like to thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck in this election.