Meadows Strikes Down Pelosi Budget Offer

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), say Nanci Pelosi’s funding proposal to end the government shutdown is a “non-starter”. Meadows tweeted “A $1.3. billion Democrat wish list that includes zero funding for a border barrier is a non-starter and will not be a legitimate answer to the impasse.

The government has been in a partial shutdown since President Trump announced that unless there is $5 billion for wall funding he will not be signing any funding bills. The Democrats offered to extend 2018 funding levels which includes funding for DHS through the fiscal year. DHS funding would also include $1.3 billion for wall funding. The Democrat offer would only be a DHS extension through February 8, but the package also includes funding for six other areas that would fully fund the government until the end of the fiscal year.

In December, President Trump was willing to sign a short-term government budget, but decided against doing so at the urging of Meadows and other House Conservatives. One could also point to television pundits that seem to use airtime to advise President Trump and/or convince the public as to how President Trump should do his job.

Ultimately, the buck stops with Mitch McConnell. It will be his decision to put the Democrats proposal to a vote in the Senate should the majority Democrat Congress pass the proposed budget. McConnell has said that he would not present bills to the Senate for a vote if President Trump will not sign them.

For now, it seems like the political gridlock that I predicted if the Democrats won the majority, is already beginning and they haven’t even taken over. For those that believe it was President Trump’s plan to lose the House in order to prove voter fraud. I say to them, it’s time to wake up and be serious! losing the House was not President Trump’s plan nor his fault. The voters choose the legislators. Voter fraud is a real thing, but it doesn’t speak to the low voter turnout on the Republican side that many deny. We are only seeing a preview of what the next two years will be like. Little to no legislation, and a lot of investigations. We the people, on both sides of the political aisle must step up and hold our legislators accountable. We cannot continue to be used as political pawns!

James Cheef