Our Eyes and the Shock Value of the Unborn Body

By SaintScrem


When Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia went on the air on WTOP to publicly defend Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran’s radical pro-abortion bill on Tuesday morning he probably didn’t realize the backlash he would face for his extreme and shocking remarks. Tran’s “House Bill 2491” is essentially a repeal bill that would repeal all of the regulations regarding abortion procedures and providers in Virginia. The bill mirrors the recently passed legislation in New York that allows abortions up until the moment of birth, during birth and allows non-doctors to perform abortions, even without the mere presence of a doctor and more. Delegate Tran didn’t realize the backlash she would face either. Delegate Tran clearly wasn’t ready for serious questions. Delegate Tran thought her bill would slide through the committee perhaps in the shadows of other items on the legislative agenda.

Shadows. Darkness. Abortion and shadows and darkness. Those things seem to always go together. Abortion always seems to be hiding in the darkness… just out of sight. More on that shortly.

When pressed about the implications of her bill Delegate Tran first attempted to dodge the questions but finally admitted to the committee that the bill would allow for a baby to be killed while the mother is actually in labor with it and that there would be no restrictions on abortions if the bill were enacted. Think about that. A baby could legally be killed while it is in the process of being born. A “viable” baby (may God forever damn that word from the English language).

I was outraged.

Thousands upon thousands of sober-minded Virginians were outraged.

Pro life America and even some of pro-choice America is outraged.

We are outraged that a barbaric piece of legislation like Tran’s bill could even be countenanced. After all, we are living in the days of fast and hot outrage. A thousand trivial things are currently deemed deeply offensive in 2019. Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, for example, was dropped from hosting the Oscars due to a joke about he made about homosexuality some ten plus years ago. Bear in mind the joke was about his own son. It wasn’t hateful or malicious. Outrage at the drop of a hat over something as fleeting as comedy is the order of the day. So how on earth could a bill allowing for such clearly barbaric treatment of mature, prenatal, babies even make it out of a killer’s imagination into speech, let alone to fill out the parameters of a piece of legislation? We are right to be outraged and as many as there are who are furious about this there are not enough. Everyone should be outraged by this. The outrage here was shockingly partisan. That’s no surprise in the era of what I call the “catharsis of Trump hate”. Battle lines have been drawn, after all, over a man’s personality. Good policy is intentionally overlooked to serve the cause of smoldering animosity. Keep the base hot, keep the base voting is the progressive motive I suppose, no matter the societal division that is sown in the process. But we should be united in outrage over bill “2491”.

Moreover, to those not outraged by this butcher’s bill and Governor Northam’s spineless complicity with it, the moral inequity is so severe as to merit a few words. There can be no honest, moral, sensibility for the varying modes of speech, jagged, downright insulting, or politically incorrect, in a person’s conscience when juxtaposed with the willingness to let a baby be butchered while its mother is in labor with it. What kind of twisted Puritanism is this? These two modes of morals are absolutely contradictory. If these types of contradictions do exist in the same moral code, that code is surely a corrupted code. Put simply, if offensive words offend you, but butchering real, helpless, human beings doesn’t offend you, then you are in desperate need of moral intervention.

But enough about you if the above describes you. I and many like me, all shoddy works in progress to be sure, weep for your vacant soul. The empty space in your heart has been filled by dark things that haunt the desolate road to perdition. The banquet you enjoy on this side of the veil is the fattening feast for your journey to the greater banquet of weeping and gnashing of teeth wherein the haughty dead gnaw themselves to death forever. And you will have your fill. Turn back while you still can… but I digress…

Where were we… ah yes… outrage. And now the pertinent question and my reason for typing these words. Why are we so outraged now? What made Governor Northam’s clear advocacy for killing babies while they are in the process of being born and mercy killing some babies after birth so jaw-droppingly horrific on January 30, 2019? Why was this recent revelation of the utter depravity of mankind in civilized America so shocking?

Surely I can say, and I know for a fact that I speak for many hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds of millions, that we already were outraged by the reality of abortion before this week. This is one topic where my outrage and resolve to defend the helpless, innocent, children and to advocate for motherhood and mothers hasn’t waned. So why did this feel so especially bad?

On twitter pro abortion cynics mocked the outrage of pro lifers regarding these horrendous acts taken by two state assemblies by pointing out an essential truth: “If life is sacred then why aren’t pro lifers outraged in the same way about early trimester abortions too?” To which I answered: “We are, we always have been and the fact that “you” (twitter cynic) is ignorant of that fact does not validate your point that early abortions then must be “ok”. And still, even to myself something does seem especially heinous about late term abortion. Tran’s bill, her words, and Northam’s words, shocked me. What is it then?

Some pro lifers conjectured that it is because late term abortion is arguably “more brutal”. I thought on this and decided that late term abortion is absolutely NOT more brutal. Abortion is equally brutal at every stage of a child’s development in the womb. Tearing, rending, crushing, scraping, poisoning, suffocating, stabbing, and throwing away or selling the slaughtered little humans is par for the course for all abortions. So called “medical” abortions, as opposed to “surgical” abortions are a chemically brutal process wherein a living baby in the womb is poisoned to death with drugs or a burning saline solution (allegedly less common today but with legislation like the Tran bill or the New York repeal

who’s counting? They could theoretically inject the amniotic sac with Liquid Drano and not face any earthly consequences for doing so beyond their own marred soul and conscience. No one is there to watch and no one there to stop them with these bills.).

So, abortion is always brutal. It is always the taking of an innocent, living, being’s life. So why was this week so bad?

I’ll tell you…

Our eyes.

Those things in our heads that we see with.

Yes. The things through which the majority of us view the world.

Our eyes are the difference. It isn’t that the abortion is worse when executed later. It isn’t the baby’s “viability” (grant me leniency again here to say how much I hate that inane verbal ploy of the pro abortion crowd). No, no, and no… viable babies are butchered in Planned Parenthood’s and other killing rooms all across the nation everyday.

It’s our eyes.

It is not common to see a 12 week old baby in the womb, even in 2019. It IS common to see a 36 week old baby, or a 32 week old baby, and it is increasingly common to see 26 week old babies being delivered and thriving. Many even younger. We know what they look like. We have seen them. We know, for the most part what a woman in labor looks like. Popular documentaries have shown us in full, graphic, form, what it looks like to deliver a baby. We can see them wriggling and squirming and crying and immediately snuggling up on their momma’s breast. And of course, how many of us have actually observed it or participated in it? It’s a life changing affair for all involved. It cannot be forgotten. We have seen with our eyes.

Now, abortion, many of us have NOT seen. That’s right. Even in 2019 with the technological miracle of ultrasound there are masses of people, abortion “doctors” included, who either cannot be bothered or are too cowardly to look at the bloody face of an actual abortion, a baby killing. Many have never beheld the scrambled body parts of the innocent strewn about on a doctor’s table… we will watch the most gruesome enactments of slaughter on a movie screen but we won’t look this demonic act in the face. Willful ignorance? Willful blindness? Perhaps. In some cases, surely.

James Elkins, an art historian at The University of Chicago has specialized in writing about human sight. In his book “The Object Stares Back” in the chapter titled: “Seeing Bodies” he imparts a profound insight about the universal phenomenon of something called “subjective contour completion”:

“Our eyes are built to seek complete figures. If I am shown a triangle missing the midsection of its sides, I will complete it in my mind. We instinctively repair fragments into wholes and search for continuous contours and closed curves. Shards present our eyes with a problem, and unwittingly we cast around for patterns, assembling pieces into shapes. Our eyes prefer practically any object to a borderless scatter of points.

Those, at least, are the facts of vision. If a building is half hidden by the branches of a tree, we literally see it in fragments: subtract the tree and you have a floating collection of irregular building pieces. But the eye completes the puzzle and sees the building whole.

Psychoneurologists call the phenomenon subjective contour completion, and it helps explain how we can routinely see a single building instead of disjunct pieces. On a deeper level, subjective contour completion answers to a desire for wholeness over dissection and form over shapelessness.”1 (I am not representing any of Mr. Elkins’ views on the issue of abortion here. I am quoting his work on human vision because of its relevance to this issue.)

Ok, maybe I was a little hard on those of you who haven’t “seen” an abortion. Perhaps it’s been kept from you. Perhaps it’s been hidden from your vision, kept in the shadows, in the darkness, because the people killing babies in the womb know that when you see a little leg, next to half of an arm, next to the jig-sawed remains of half of a face that your vision will fill in the blanks. Perhaps they know that you will certainly see the body of a child as he or she once was: complete, perfect even with abnormalities, whole, and present to be loved and nurtured for however long he or she has to live (an amount of time that none of us know even for ourselves) and as he or she now is: utterly destroyed. You will certainly see them. It is a fact of your vision; your eyes will do the math and the equation will be complete.

The reason we were especially outraged this week is because of our familiarity with near term babies. We have seen them in real-time. We know what they look like and how they sound. We know the cry that can wake us from a dead sleep in a moment and we know how they feel. We know their warmth and we know what their movement is like. We know how surprisingly strong they are and we know what they smell like and how appealing the smell of their skin can be. We have looked into their eyes and felt a human soul gazing back at us. We have felt their weight, the density of their bones and firmness of the muscles that have been knitting themselves and practicing their strength even in the womb. Our vision is the only reason for our outrage this week. We know exactly what Governor Northam and Delegate Tran are proposing to give misguided parents and abortion practitioners the permission to destroy. And we are less familiar with the youngest babies in the womb… because we aren’t able to see them in the same way.

So I say in closing to pro lifers everywhere: Keep being outraged. Be more outraged. Stoke the fire of your outrage for babies in the first and second trimester if you need to because the evil destruction of a living human being is the same from conception to birth. Don’t worry that you were more outraged this week, it’s understandable because you have seen these children before. But they are the SAME person. Their life is the same, sacred, life throughout their development in the womb and no one, by the use of fraudulent terms like “viability” or by sheer criminal and demonic lies can take their humanity away from them. They are what they are. They are our posterity and it is our duty to nurture them and sustain them and love them at even the cost of our own lives. Scientific research is on team infant; right

1 Elkins, James. “The Object Stares Back”, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, New York, New York, 1996. Pg. 125.

and proper philosophy is on their side, truth is on their side and God is on their side. That means that when we stand for them, for their right to live, all of those things are on our side too. Love and support Mothers who need it. Defend the babies in the womb that can’t speak for themselves. I know we have been. Perhaps we’ve been doing that in the shadows for too long ourselves… Keep fighting the good fight.