Podcast: “The Cheef Report” Hosted by James Cheef and Joined by Interviewee Juanita Broaddrick

    On this episode of The Cheef Report, Juanita Broaddrick discusses how she met former president Bill Clinton, and how the chance meeting led to an experience she will never forget. As with many victims, Juanita had her own reasons for not wanting to come forward. As with many victims, the power positions male sexual assault offenders have is one reason the remain silent. In the case of Ms. Broaddrick, Bill Clinton was the Arkansas Attorney General, and he was running for Governor of Arkansas at the time the horrific incident took place. It was the 70’s and in America the 70’s carried the mentality that “Men Will Be Men”, and women were made to feel inferior to men, and that’s putting it lightly! Juanita talks about the way women had to silently put up with the sexual rhetoric and nature of men in the 60’s and 70’s. Most interestingly she speaks to the way things have changed with regard sexual abuse, and as she says, “it was such that you (women) would put up with so much…the pendulum was so far one way and now it’s completely swung the other way, and now men are being falsely accused”. Hear first hand why Mrs. Broaddrick, and I’m sure many other women feel as if their experiences were there own fault. Also exposed is the threatening nature of Hillary Clinton and her ‘win at all cost’ mentality’. Mrs. Broaddrick also has a very interesting position on why it is difficult for some men to speak out against sexual abuse. Sexual abuse in our country has become what seems to this writer, an epidemic. Take the time to listen to the victim of one of the most powerful families in the world.