The Presidential Election Was Decided By the Forgotten People, Could The Midterms Be Decided By The Undecided People?

    Election in United States of America. Voter holds envelope in hand above vote ballot. USA flags in background. Democracy concept.

    Almost any network you watch or publication you read, red or blue wave will appear. Republicans and democrats alike feel they will win the midterms by way of a red or blue wave created by their voters.

    However, those of us that don’t let party preference and propaganda point our direction look for what’s not said, because that is where the truth lives. In this reality, is where I find the undecided voters and those who don’t vote often. Truth is, the 2018 midterms can go either way. Things are too close to call. If indicators are correct Republicans can take the North white working class, and the Democrats can take the Southern Sun Belt districts.

    These areas have many undecided voters. Make no mistake about it, the 2018 midterms are just as, if not more important than the presidential election of 2016. Should the Democrats win the House, not only would President Trump’s agenda be in jeopardy, the country would be in jeopardy of living under the same agenda voted against when Hillary Clinton was dealt a loss.

    Think about the socialist wins in this years primaries. Single payer healthcare, free college tuition, anti-Second Amendment, attacking the First Amendment, pushing to give illegal immigrants the right to vote, and worst of all open borders is the left wing socialist agenda in a nutshell. Let’s not forget Nanci Pelosi openly admitting that should the Commiecrats win they will raise taxes. Naturally to pay for all of the freebies that they promise their constituents.

    It is paramount that Republican candidates reach the undecided and independent voters. They cannot rely on the absurdity of the Kavanaugh smear campaign to allow them to take the undecided and independent voters for granted. To the contrary. They must find ways to get the undecided and independent voters to the voting booth.

    Commiecrat smear campaigns and a Marxist agenda should be all a Republican or Independent Republican candidate needs to swing the undecided and independent voters their way. But it starts with messaging and talking to voters about the tactics used by the left to do away with our Republic and Constitution.