Typical D.C. Bureaucracy and Longer Than Expected Wait Periods Have Resulted In few Payouts for Farmers Feeling the Tariff Sting

    Farmers are feeling the sting of President Trumps trade wars as they are being cut off from foreign markets, losing lucrative contracts, and are being hit with retaliatory tariffs. The $12 billion bailout which was to make up the difference of losses incurred by farmers has done little to help them. Typical Washington bureaucracy and longer than expected waiting periods have resulted in few payouts.

    In September, $6 billion of the bailout money was made available with only $838 million paid out to the farmers being affected. The remaining $6 billion is slated to be released in December. If what the agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, remains true, there will be no more bailout money for farmers beyond the $12 billion already approved.

    Farmers are beginning to run low on patience while the trade war with China is deepening. Consequently, farmers have less access to the soybean market and farm equipment. American made peanut butter and orange juice are retaliatory targets for Europe. Pork and cheese have had taxes levied on them by Canada and Mexico.

    Farmers earning less than $900,000 per year can receive money from the Depression-era fund so long as they produce a product that is hit with retaliatory taxes. Although there are no plans to make more funds available to farmers, the government has plans to purchase at least $1 million of apples, oranges, and pork. Purchased products are to be distributed through the nations nutrition assistance programs.

    According to the National Milk Producers Federation, dairy farmers will lose $1.5 billion in the second-half of 2018 due to tariffs, and have only received $127 million in financial aid. Soybeans, wheat, corn, dairy, and pork are the products needing most of the support. Most of the support has gone to farmers in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota.


    1. Mr. Cheef, this is a very well researched article on the temporary handicap of American farmers, and I applaud you for posting it~

      As you probably know though, most Americans expect instant results, nothing more than a week or so tolerance, much less the ‘mid-term’ goal of increasing farmers’ yield and profit over a quarter, or over a year.

      While most farmers themselves know this, expect this, it is the response of knee-jerking Liberals who have taken to the microphones to denounce the Trump Administration’s tariff policy.
      The Unionized National Milk Producers Federation has no long term foresight, other than for their own top level personal profit— and that’s what you correctly report here.

      I’m writing this comment early Thanksgiving morning, therefore I wish you a blessed, wonderful day, full of laughter, time with children, listening and learning from Liberals who may be in your family, but most of all, a Thankfullness to our Creator, that we can each have a voice, if we choose; for our bounty, our families, and friendships and prayers for our country’s future wellbeing/solidarity.

      Kindest thoughts,
      Ron Page

      • Thank you Ron. You bring very good insight. My Thanksgiving was great. I hope yours was as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if we don’t speak again. Thank you for commenting on this article. Please do so in the future.

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